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White House Statement on Financial Reform

July 27, 2010

The Administration today (July 27, 2010) announced the next step in its process of soliciting public input on the future of the housing finance system, the first of an apparent planned series of conferences.  This one will be held in Washington, DC, on August 17.  Never mind this is smack in the middle of peoples' vacations; the convening by HUD Secretary Shaun S. Donovan and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner should draw a full house.

Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Jeffrey A. Goldstein also put up a post on the White House blog today outlining the Administration's steps to support the housing sector, and the principles that are guiding its work.  I am particularly pleased at this post because it echoes themes that I have been pushing with the Administration and others.  

In March I circulated a White Paper that I produced for CFA with support from the Ford Foundation.  Last week I submitted a lengthy response to the Administration's solicitation for input on the future of the housing finance system.  Some of the key points I made in both are echoed in Goldstein's post.

Whether that had anything to do with its tone or not, it's nice to see they are tracking many of the same points that I am.  Hopefully this augers well for the process.


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